Alexis Cole – Chapter 10

He looked down at the floor as he approached the two officers. For a moment he was surprised how well a cheap pair of trainers kept the water out.

He saw two pairs of Dr Martins in front of him, motionless. Alexis kept moving, trudging slowly towards them. He could hear their radios getting louder and louder.

Alexis anticipated a hand reaching out and grabbing him as he walked past, but nothing happened. The sounds of the radios soon dissipated as he walked further away.

He dared not tempt fate and look back. He just followed his feet until they reached the bright white floor of Queens Park Station.

He saw the train on the platform and dashed to get on before the doors closed, however the train remained stationary and didn’t look as though it was going anywhere soon.

Why is it when you run for your life to get on a train it remains on the platform making you look stupid?

Fortunately for Alexis nobody was there. He decided to walk to the end of the train going through the carriages, doors noisily closing behind him. Kilburn Park Station was only one stop away but he would rather get off the train at the back, that way nobody would be walking behind him.

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