Alexis Cole – Chapter 11

As he made his way through all the carriages he realised there was no one on the train.

It wasn’t that late, was it?

Halfway through the door of the last carriage he saw a man in a black coat sitting down. He hesitated slightly as he would have preferred a carriage to himself, however he didn’t want to turn back around especially now the man was looking at him.

He closed the door behind and walked through the carriage. He passed the man sitting down as he made his way to the very back. Before he could get there a man in a grey tracksuit jumped onto the train through the end doors. The man took a quick glance at him then casually sat down where Alexis was planning to sit.

Alexis took a seat near to where he was standing and placed the rucksack beside him before stretching his legs across the seat. He looked around the carriage at the two passengers to see what they were doing.

Were they looking at him? Were they looking at the bag? He moved the rucksack closer to his body so he could feel that it was there.

The train doors closed and the train slowly began to pull away from the shelter of the platform and into the rain...

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