Alexis Cole – Chapter 12

Alexis looked out as the rain hit the moving train. He chose two droplets and raced them to the bottom of the window. The smaller one engulfed three or four different raindrops before speeding to the finish line and winning.

That’s exactly how he felt, like a rain drop, engulfed in this situation.

Before he had time to think about what he was doing he was racing down an unstoppable path.

The train would soon go into the tunnel and they would shortly be arriving at Kilburn Park Station. He tried to visualise the person who was going to meet him: Red jacket and white cap. Alexis shook his head and looked at the floor. What was he doing? His mum would have realised he was not in his room by now, and would be asking questions.

He turned his attention to the bag sitting on the chair beside him, and slowly poked it to try and determine its contents. Whatever it was it was hard and flat, like a metal box. He tapped it slightly to reveal whether it was hollow or not. He couldn’t tell discern anything over the noise of the train and the rain spraying against the window. It was really pouring down now.

He could see the tunnel approaching ahead. He took out the phone and looked at the clock, he had ten minutes to get there, more than enough time. As he looked at the screen, Dane’s name suddenly appeared and the mobile vibrated madly.

Alexis answered it.


Dane was incoherent his voice trembling, he was panicking unable to string a sentence together. “What’s the matter…where are you?” a concerned Alexis spoke into the phone. On the other end of the line Dane was trying to take a breath and finally stuttered


The phone suddenly cut off as the last carriage entered the dark tunnel.

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