Alexis Cole – Chapter 13

A loud buzzing sound reverberated through the last carriage, making Alexis jump. The lights throughout the whole train began to flicker uncontrollably making him feel dizzy.

Alexis looked around at the other two passengers who looked just as baffled as he was. It was an eerie feeling as the train continued to move towards its destination despite the stuttering train lights.

Alexis wondered why the train driver had not made an announcement? Perhaps he didn’t know?

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Luke Ashley

He is wearing a pair of dark blue jeans with white trainers and a smart black duffle jacket. He sits motionless on the train staring at his reflection in the window in front of him. He looked as though he was contemplating something; as if he had the weight of the world on his shoulders

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Jarrett Sinclair

He is an athletically built man wearing a grey tracksuit with red trainers. He is sitting forward on the edge of his seat studying his reflection, every now and then gently touching his cheeks with his fingertips. His face looks swollen and painful to the touch. He continually cracks his knuckles.

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