Alexis Cole – Chapter 6

For two weeks the bag remained in the airing cupboard hidden from sight.

Alexis was watching TV when the phone vibrated madly against his leg. He quickly got up and rushed upstairs to answer it where no one could hear. The number was withheld.

“Hello” Alexis answered the phone.

A deep rusty voice that Alexis didn’t recognise told him to bring the bag outside Kilburn Park Station in an hour, and said a man in a red jacket and white cap would collect it off of him. Alexis was told to watch out for police and not be late before the phone cut off.

He was nervous, and sat on his bed motionless for a good ten minutes.

He decided to call Dane and tell him about it, perhaps he’d come with him. His phone was switched off.

Dane never had his phone off.

Alexis left a voicemail telling Dane to call him as soon as possible. He then sneaked downstairs and grabbed the blanket bundle quietly taking it back to his room.

He uncovered the rucksack and placed it on his bed. Taking the chair, he positioned it under the door handle and sat on it. He looked across the room towards his bed.

He’d forgotten how heavy the bag was.

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