Alexis Cole – Chapter 7

The bag sat on Alexis’ bed making a slight indent on the sheets underneath it. Alexis continued to try and call Dane but to no avail. His phone was still off. His mum shouted from the bottom of the stairs that the pizza had arrived and told him to come down.

He shouted back that he wasn’t hungry whilst placing a hand on his stomach which was growling aggressively.

He had to make a move if he was to get there on time. But what was up with Dane? Alexis decided to text him, just in case.

“Getting on the train at queens park bringing the bag with me”

As the little envelope on the screen disappeared, the reality of what he was about to do began to set in. He remembered the voice from the phone call “Watch out for the police?”

Just what was in the bag? Alexis recalled trying to figure out what it was the day he carried it home, he felt the corner of something hard poking into his back, and from the weight of things it must have been metal.

His head poked around the door trying to find the whereabouts of his mother. He could hear the TV from the kitchen, they were watching a comedy. His mum and little brothers suddenly burst out into laughter, concealing the noise Alexis made as he crept out of the front door and into the darkness of the rain drenched street.

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