Alexis Cole – Chapter 8

Alexis felt like a meerkat constantly aware of his surroundings. Everything but the rain falling around him was a threat. A car slowly came around the corner and slowed down. Alexis could see out of the corner of his eye that the driver was looking at him, perhaps trying to identify him.

Alexis continued to walk ignoring the car. The driver tooted his horn. The sudden loud noise made Alexis jump out of his skin, leaving him standing still. The man called out to him asking for help. Alexis turned and looked at him

“What’s the problem?”

The driver stated that he couldn’t hear him properly and asked if he could come closer.

You’re more likely to get wetter by running to avoid the rain then if you walk. Alexis discovered this first hand as he darted around the corner and up the street, sprinting away from the car. He was taking no chances. His trainers squeaked every step as he struggled to get grip on the wet pavement.

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