Alexis Cole – Chapter 9

A few blocks away he stopped to catch his breath, resting against a wall. He could see the water vapour from his mouth disappearing into the cold night air. He had to be more inconspicuous.

He put his hood up which stopped the rain landing on his head and running down his neck, but acted like blinkers to his peripheral vision.

As soon as he stepped out into the road a car screeched to a halt narrowly missing him. Alexis was blinded by the car’s headlights and forced to close his eyes. He could feel his pulse throbbing in his neck.

Was it the car he just ran from?

As he tried to distinguish the car in front of him through the bright white light he heard a voice come from within.

“Hey kid get out of the road.”

Alexis slowly walked onto the pavement, his eyes struggling to adjust to the darkness. He could hear the car move away. As the last remaining white dots plaguing his vision faded away he observed a police car heading down the street.

The police car stopped further up the road and parked alongside the pavement. The occupants remained in the car. The street was the direct way to Queens Park Station, and he didn’t have the time to walk all the way around the back roads.

Alexis heard in the back of his mind the voice from the phone call again. “Watch out for police.”

Alexis continued down the street ever cautious of the police car he was approaching, parked on the other side of the road. There was still no movement from inside, were they waiting for him?

As if to answer his question two police officers exited the car and crossed over to his side of the pavement.

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