Barely discernible from the loud buzzing noise was the female voice over the train’s tannoy

“The Next Station is Kilburn Park”

The announcement barely concluded when a loud thud jolted the train forcefully, throwing everything within violently forward. The deafening grinding noise of metal on concrete camouflaged the terrifying screams reverberating within. When the metallic screeching finally came to a stop and the dust settled there was nothing but silence in that dark tunnel.

The last flickering of the lights within the carriage before the power source finally gave out revealed the body of Alexis Cole, a red rucksack beside him, tattered and torn and covered in cement dust. Barely visible through a tear in the fabric, was a three number combination lock for a silver metallic briefcase.

The news headlines trickled across the media throughout the early hours.

A Southbound Bakerloo line train derailed on it’s way to Kilburn Park Station

Rescue teams were reported searching the wreck of the last carriage with flash lights into the early hours of the morning.

Reports state that the train slipped off the tracks causing the last carriage to collide with a wall at high speed.

An investigation is underway to determine the cause of this horrific incident

There are three confirmed fatalities

Luke Ashley

Jarret Sinclair

Alexis Cole

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